Bavarian Wheat Beer

Today I brewed up a summer beer in the hope that the Irish summer will live up to the beer, so far it hasn't been a great summer but here's hoping. I brewed a Bavarian style wheat beer.

11 Litres

Muntons dry wheat malt extract: 1kg
Light dry malt extract: 240g

Tettnang hops 4.8%AA
60 minutes: 5g
30 minutes: 10g
End Aroma: 12g
1 tsp irish moss

Safbrew S-06 yeast

This brew was the first time I used my wort chiller and it went really well. It took only twenty minutes to chill the wort to pitching temperature of 25 degrees celcius. I was very impressed. What a great piece of kit, it's a pity it took so long for me to get one.

I had a bit of debate as to what yeast to use in this beer. I had some Brewferm Blanche yeast which is suitable for wheat beers and wit beers. I also had Safbrew S-06 which is good in wheat beers especially Bavarian styles. I am also thinking of putting raspberries into the secondary and I've been told that a nice clean neutral yeast like Danstar Nottingham would interfere less with the fruit flavours.
In the end I went for the Safbrew S-06 to see if I can make a nice Bavarian style Weiss. If the beer tastes good at the end of primary fermentation I might not put the raspberries into it after all. Or maybe I'll split the brew in secondary and do half with fruit half without to see what the difference is. I'll post back here what the results are.

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Thomas says
July 17, 2008 at 10:54 AM

Brewferme Blanch isn't really suited to Bavarian styles. It doesn't produce the anticipated phenolic flavours required. I'm interested to hear how the Safbrew S-06 works out because it would be handy to have a dry wheat yeast on hand for off the cuff forays into weisse brewing.

Wort chillers certainly are essential, to my mind. I plan to make a bigger one shortly to further trim some time off my brew day.

Boak says
July 17, 2008 at 2:31 PM

We've improvised a wort chiller, being a huge saucepan full of ice, immersed into the wort. Usually gets it down in 25 minutes and so far (touch wood) we've had no contamination issues.