The Session 25: Love Lager

This month The Beer Nut hosts the session with the title love lager. He exhorts us to just get out there and have what the next guy's having.

It's cold and there's no sign of spring so I'm going to talk about Red Stripe beer. It brings me back to Negril, Jamaica where Dave and I got married last year. Red Stripe is the ordinary everyday beer in Jamaica. We drank a lot of cocktails in the evenings but for a sneaky drink during the day Red Stripe light is great as it's low alcohol. We discovered that for special occasions when you need to dance all night Guinness and Red Bull is the drink of choice. Red Stripe light tastes of nothing really but Red Stripe is ok. When it's really warm soft drinks are just too sweet to quench your thirst but beer really works.

So here's to sitting back with a Red Stripe and gazing out at a view as relaxing as this one.

I have some slightly related lager news about my Cold Weather Kolsch. I said I came back after christmas to find the Better Bottle had leaked as I hadn't completely closed the high flow valve. I learned that lesson and it's all working well now. The better bottles are great, I can rack to secondary from them easily and bottle straight from them.

I left the Kolsch in the bottle and forgot about it. I went to empty it this week and tasted some to see how bad it was and was surprised to find it tasted ok, not just ok fairly good. I racked it to my keg and injected some carbon dioxide. Now I just have to wait until it carbonates but I think it might be fine to drink. More than that it might be drinkable. Another home brewing lesson learned, don't throw out beer until you're sure it's gone off.


Leigh says
March 8, 2009 at 7:02 AM

Guiness and Red Bull! wow! that sounds really interesting. . .!!