First yarn off the bobbin

Here it is! I'm very excited about the first yarn I've made with my spinning wheel Gloria. We got on pretty well me and Glo. I over twisted the singles a bit too much as the yarn was coming out thin so I decided it needed a good bit of twist to hold it together. I now realise it doesn't need that much twist.

This was a merino and silk blend which was lovely to spin. I spun it worsted style and I came out with 167 metres of yarn. A useful measure for hand spinning is wraps per inch where you measure the number of strands of yarn in an inch. You can then tell from this what weight the yarn is which is useful if you want to use the yarn in a pattern. This yarn is about sport weight as it has thirteen wraps per inch.

I'm thinking of making this morning dew scarf since I have enough yarn for an entire project. I'm really happy that I'll be able to make something usable from the yarn, there must be a great smug satisfaction being able to tell someone that you spun the wool and then crocheted the scarf you're wearing.


Sinéad says
April 8, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Gorgeous yarn, I love the colour! And the scarf pattern is perfect. The pattern should pop out with that lovely yarn.