Crochet Coral Reef

Since finishing off my hats I've been busily crocheting coral for the Irish Crochet Coral Reef which will be exhibited in the Science Gallery soon. On Saturday the 20th Feb from 1-3pm Margaret Wertheim will be back to talk about the submissions for the reef and finalizing the project before the exhibition. Go here to book tickets, they're free.  Margaret is a fantastic speaker so if you have an interest in the project you should go along.

Above is a photo of some of the coral I saw while snorkeling in Jamaica. It really made me think more about the crochet coral reef and how it's raising awareness about the disappearance of these amazing ecosystems. The coral I saw definitely provided inspiration for my own crochet. I used a lot of plastic which wasn't the easiest to crochet with but the effect is great. I like the recycling aspect of taking something that is destroying reefs and using it to raise awareness of the problem. The black coral below is made from Jamaican black plastic scandal bags. You can see some of the coral posing for pictures below. I particularly like the blue and green one that reminds me a bit of some amazing nudibranchs I saw in the National Geographic.

I made another large floppy white plastic coral which isn't pictured at Make night last week. This was also held in the Science Gallery. It was a fun night where lots of people turn up to make stuff. There were robots, electronics, origami, cupcakes and crochet. I also got to play with sugru which is one of the very best substances in the world. 








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Sinéad says
February 21, 2010 at 1:47 AM

Your coral reef items are great, I bet you had a great day yesterday at the museum!

huggleknits says
February 23, 2010 at 12:16 AM

HI there
I did the craftyirelandteam article that used your photo of the Alpaca. Huge apologies I was sent the photo and assumed it was an original. I have posted an apology on the blog.
Love your coral by the way

WorstedKnitt says
February 23, 2010 at 1:35 AM

Wow, those are really cool! Can't wait to see pictures from the exhibition.