Summer Cardigan

My latest knitting project is a cardigan called Summer's End (Ravelry Link). I can only give you a Ravelry link as the designers website doesn't seem to be working anymore. It's a cardigan worked bottom up all in one piece then the sleeves are knit and joined on. It's a simple enough design but it does have a lovely lace section that will add a nice bit of interest. I'm hoping it will be a nice wearable cardigan for the chilly summer evenings we get here.

I'm knitting it with blue aran wool I got ages ago in the Woolen mills in Clare. I had originally thought I'd make a crochet blanket with the wool but now I think it will be nicer as a cardigan. I made enough crochet blocks from this wool to make a large cushion cover and I must get around to finishing that off some time soon.

I'm hoping the name of the design won't be too prophetic and that I will manage to finish this before the summer ends. I'm quite a slow knitter and this isn't great when you write a knitting blog. It's hard to write lots of posts about the progress of the same garment and I'm sure reading about the endless slog to finish a cardigan wouldn't be too entertaining for anyone reading either.

The lace is going well and I'm finding that with practise I don't need as many counters and I can remember what I'm supposed to be doing more easily. I find the lace keeps me knitting a little faster as there is a bit interest from row to row, I get bored if I have miles of stocking stitch to do with no breaks. 

I have to show you a close up picture of the cutest stitch marker ever. It's a lemon cupcake! It's from K at Chocolate Bunni Crafts and is part of a set of four terribly cute lemon cupcakes. She makes loads of really cute stitch makers so check her shop out. You'll be supporting an Irish crafter too which is full of win. These stitch markers really do cheer me up each time I move them from one needle to the next.

I made a pair of baby booties recently as a present. I crocheted these from some purple cotton and they turned out to be very cute. There is only one problem, I think they may be too small to fit the baby! I may still give them as a present anyway and see if they fit. If not I can always make them again, it shouldn't be hard to make them in a bigger size. The pattern is available here.

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Skuld says
May 31, 2010 at 9:46 AM

That's so perfect, I was just looking for a nice, quick crochet bootie pattern. Cheers.

Sinéad says
June 1, 2010 at 1:52 AM

I like the cardigan, I think it wil be lovely on you. The colour of the yarn is really nice.
And cutie booties!