Blog Migration

Plans have been afoot for a while now to redesign the blog and move it to it's own URL. I got the URL ages ago but didn't manage to move the blog. I'm quite good at computers but for some reason web design and css evade me. I decided to try out wordpress and found it's pretty easy to design a blog that looks well. In an evening I managed to get the blog looking better than it ever has on blogger. Wordpress has a few other advantages, images seem to behave better and the whole layout is nicer. Another big plus is that there is a very nice android app which makes it easy for me to blog from my phone. I wonder why there is no nice blogger app, blogger and android are both run by google so you'd think they would integrate them a bit better. I decided to pay wordpress to redirect to the URL as working out how to host it would take another three months.

Now that is all done and I've moved I have to ask you all to point your links this way and update your rss feeds and all that jazz. I'll still blog a link to new posts for a while in blogger and put in a big arrow pointing here. I'm hoping to work out how to get blogger to redirect here for old posts but again that may take me some time to figure out.

I'm hoping you will read the posts over at the new and comment over there. I'll still be importing comments over there but hopefully everything will move to the new URL.

Thanks for reading the tech post!

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julie says
August 27, 2010 at 2:09 AM

woop! I do like wordpress better, in my own personal experience anyway, i'm currently hacking the utter jejeysus out of a theme myself ;)

Instead of trying to get wp to point to blogger for the old posts, ou can tell wp that you want to import content from this blog and it should do it for you and recreate your archives on the new one, it's under tools > import on your wp admin panel and you can tell it to look at a blogger blog so it knows where to find the content. Good luck with it :)

sheknitupthat says
August 27, 2010 at 8:16 AM

Exciting changes at Aran Brew! Really love the woolly header over there.