Works In Progress

Lest people think I haven't been knitting I better post here about it. I've been knitting away but mostly on the same projects. The Tempting jumper is nearly finished.
The body is done plus one sleeve and I'm nearly done on the other sleeve. After that I just have to join them and knit the yoke. It's looking really nice I think. The yarn is lovely to work with. Whenever I do get a chance to work on this it goes quickly.

Going slightly slower is my first pair of socks. Actually calling them a pair is ambitious. It will be something if I even finish the first one. They seem to be going very slowly and if I'm honest I'd say the first sock has had more knitting time than Tempting but I don't seem to be getting anywhere. Second sock syndrome? More like first sock syndrome!

After tempting is finished I'm finally going to get started on a crochet shawl. I may however abandon the socks.


Anonymous says
August 10, 2008 at 1:11 AM

My first sock was a miserable journey. I kept wondering why they hell anyone would bother. But I stuck with it just to finish it. And then my partner wanted a pair. He was so excited about the idea I didn't want to disappoint him. And he wore them constantly when I finished them.

It motivated me to make knitting them easier, so I got shorter DPNs which made a huge difference, and then I started memorizing the pattern, and doing the knitting while watching movies on the telly. Now I churn them out and love knitting them. It's weird! Good luck-- don't give up yet-- you might yet find joy. Haha.