Brewer's Birthday

It's my birthday soon so I got an early present today, new brewing kit! I got some new equipment to make my brewing life easier. Most importantly of all is a wort chiller. I have had trouble cooling wort before and I hope this will make life easier and give a good cold break and make sure no nasty off flavours or infections get into the beer. I also got an auto siphon. Previously with my traditional siphon I've had trouble getting it to work and typically splashed beer all over the place. There's also a siphon clip to keep it secure on the side of the vessel which means it turns siphoning into a one person job. Being replaced by a clip eh? There's also a little bottler which will hopefully make the awful task of bottling beer easier. Or maybe I'm being optimistic...
I got some ingredients as well. I want to make some type of wheat beer maybe a Belgium Wit so I got some wheat malt. There are some perle and tettnang hops there too which might be nice in the wheat beer. I have far to much yeast in the fridge already but added some more to it. Some Safale WB 06 which is a wheat beer yeast, some brewferm blanche wheat beer yeast and some Safbrew s33 which I might use for a trappist style ale.
I like yeast, I think it's cool that this one small cell produces such great excrement as part of it's metabolism :-)

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The Beer Nut says
April 4, 2008 at 3:42 PM

Awww. A wort chiller: for the lady who has everything.

And I hope you're not going to go all intelligent design on us.

Thomas says
April 5, 2008 at 2:00 AM

There'll be no intelligent design around these parts, ya hear?

That equipment is going to make your brewing life a lot easier.