Vibes and Scribes, Cork

Vibes and Scribes, Cork

I stumbled across this great craft shop while at the Franciscan Well beer festival in Cork. My friend noticed the beads in the window and we went in. Despite the best efforts of our other halves to extract us we stayed for ages. It's a general craft shop that stocks beads, yarn, painting supplies, books, felt, paper craft stuff and lots more. The yarn selection is small but very good. They do artesano, kilcarra and some crochet cotton. The artesano is yummy and I got two balls of 4ply alpaca which will be turned into gloves or socks. The hummingbird is gorgeous but I didn't splash out. They kilcarra was in loads of lovely colours. They had a nice selection of books too. I also got some brittany double pointed needles which are great. There was a great range of crochet hooks in plastic, bamboo and wood. The brittany ones were lovely but I couldn't justify the price. I got a bamboo hook but it isn't great as the yarn sticks a bit too much on it, this doesn't happen on the plastic or metal ones.
We left after my friend got enough beads for a necklace or two. So impressed were we that we both said we'd love to set up a shop like that. Maybe someday...

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Iamreddave says
April 11, 2008 at 8:32 AM

That shop rocks. I was in it for 10 minutes and i wanted to take up embroidery, then i realised I was a dude. But still a great shop.

Anonymous says
May 18, 2009 at 4:59 PM

Went to the knitting night on Thursdays 7 - 9pm a few times really cool time, great tips and such a laugh. I get so carried away when I'm in this shop, they have loads more wool now, noro, donegal heather and iona is so soft I'm addicted have made the best hats!!!