Belliveau Cove Hat

It's been a busy week and a crafty one too. As well as making some more mini hats I was busy making a hat for a friends birthday. It's a pattern from Crochet Me called Belliveau Cove. It's a shell stitch hat with a little brim. I made it using Kilcarra aran tweed in green and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in purple. It's a very easy and quick pattern which works up into a really nice hat. I also made a mini version of this hat in cotton for my new baby cousin. It's terribly cute, hopefully I'll get a photo of her it in at some stage. I forgot my camera so didn't get any photos of it as I handed it over when I finished it.

Before my jewelery making class on wednesday I called into the new branch of This Is Knit in the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin's city centre. Damn forgetting my camera! It's a lovely little shop with lots of yummy yarn in many different colours. It's a great location as well, there's a lot of posh shops in the centre so maybe this will help convince people that knitting isn't a chore and only for poor people. These days it's trendy and about designing things you want. I sometimes get odd reactions from people when I say I knit, they seem very surprised. As if a young person couldn't possibly knit.
Anyway I bought some lovely yarn in This Is Knit, some Kilcarra aran tweed to make a hat for the husband. And some Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb to make a cowl to go with the mittens and hat I'm knitting. I really like the look of this cowl. I have an awful weakness for yarns with silk in them, they are so soft and the silk gives the yarn a lovely sheen.

I did some sewing this week. My Mum has a sewing machine which she is going to sell to me when she gets a new more powerful one. So until that happens I use it when I visit her at home. At the moment I'm learning to make curtains. We're decorating our bedroom and the curtains and bed runner will be made by me. Curtains aren't actually that hard to make, you just need to be able to sew straight which I can do most of the time. I find when I get to the end of the material I start to go a bit wonky. I'll put some pictures up when the curtains are finished.

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Sinéad says
October 20, 2008 at 1:28 AM

Love the hat, the colours are gorgeous. And you scored some Lion & Lamb! yummy!

Bionic Laura says
October 20, 2008 at 2:11 AM

Thanks! Yeah the lion and lamb is lovely stuff to work with. I've knit and crocheted with it and it's great for either.