More Silly Hats! This time mini ones

The wonders of Ravelry eh? One minute you're reading a thread and next thing you've been convinced to spend your Sunday sitting in a park knitting tiny hats. Let me explain... This year Innocent Smoothies are running The Big Knit in Ireland. They want knitters to make loads of mini hats for the top of their smoothie bottles. The bottles with little hats will then be sold in Topaz and for every one sold Topaz and innocent will give €1 to Age Action to help keep older people in Ireland warm in winter.

Stephanie from The Yarn Room who has a stand in the People's Park in Dun Laoghaire every Sunday organized a big knit in. So I decided to go along and make a few little hats. One of the girls from Innocent was there supplying free smoothies for us to drink and put our hats on. A few people I had only met on Ravelry were there too. It was nice to meet you guys!

So then down to the serious business of knitting. A couple showed up and gamely decided to learn to knit and they produced two little hats at the end, well done! Here's a photo of an all too rare sight, a man knitting! Fair play to him.

I decided to crochet some hats as my knitting is much slower than my crochet. My first one was a mini beret.

Gwen from Ravelry came along with her very impressive stash of over 30 little hats! Each one was cuter than the last.

See aren't they adorable?

As the day went on more knitters arrived and more little hats piled up. The one on top of the stack here is my second one.

Eventually there was a little sea of mini hats.

There were beaded ones and fuzzy ones.

People were so creative with all the mini hats that I'm sure all these little hats will sell and make lots of money for Age Action. They're very addictive to make as they only take a short time, I made four that afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to make more and send them in by the deadline of the 22nd of October.

From The Big Knit - People's Park Dun Laoghire, Oct 2008

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