The session - Beer and Memories

The session this month is being hosted by The Bath Tub Brewery on beer and memories. Is there a beer that reminds you of a specific memory? Here's a few.

Real english ale from a hand pump always reminds me of Yorkshire and caving. After a hard cave a pint of ale and a pie is super tasty. It often reminds me of the trip when I was still a young energetic caver and decided that I would climb back up the 80 metres of rope to get out of Alum pot.

Orval and the other trappist beers remind me of when I lived in Kilkenny and discovered the The Wine Centre. There are so many churches and monasteries in Kilkenny that I'm sure back in the day the monks used to brew interesting beers just the belgians still do. Orval is my favourite trappist beer. I love the yeasty aroma and the slightly leathery taste. The photo is of St. Francis Abbey in the middle of the brewery in Kilkenny. It's the less seen view of the abbey from the back with it's beautiful intact window.

When I have Fraoch heather beer I'm reminded of a trip to Edinburgh for hogmanay. Dave and I went to visit a friend of his and his girlfriend. The trip was a bit of a disaster as Dave's friend had an infection which I also got. We both sat there so sick we were unable to leave the apartment. Dave's friend even ended up in hospital for a while. So the celebrations were a bit muted to say the least. We did get to try this lovely beer while there though.

Hoegaarden in a big huge glass with a slice of lemon reminds me of bicycles and Holland. I lived in Eindhoven, the world's least exciting place, and spent many hours cycling around it on the lovely flat cycle paths on those lovely kronan bicycles.

At the moment I'm decorating the house so maybe the taste of the banana bread beer I'm having at the moment will mix with the smell of paint and remind me of decorating for ever more.

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