Hello and Welcome

So hello and welcome to my new blog! This blog will be about my crafty hobbies of knitting, crochet and brewing.
I've been home brewing on and off with varying degrees of success for about a year now. At this stage I'm making some nice beers but want to do more. Irish Craft Brewer is the website for finding out all about the craft brewing scene in Ireland.
I learned to knit and crochet in school and made some stuff under duress until I gave it up. Last year I took them up again and surprised myself by not only remembering how to do both but actually making some nice stuff.

So this blog is to chart my progress and put up pictures of finished projects be they beers or jumpers! The name is a mix of an Irish style of knitting, aran and brew. I'm not sure there is any connection at all between knitting and brewing though I suppose I could knit some sort of beer cosy. This blog isn't about the connection between the two.


The Beer Nut says
March 18, 2008 at 5:34 AM

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Blogging is the new rock and roll, only with no music and lots of swearing at Blogger's stupid image upload process.

Happy knitting and brewing and blogging.