Hospital Hats

From the end of october to the just before christmas last year I ended up stuck in hospital. Now there isn't much to do at the best of times in hospital and when you're there long term you get very sick of tv and while books and magazines are great you can't read all day. I had my crochet brought in and I decided to make some stuff lest I go mad altogether.

I made this bookmark as a present for my doctor. It didn't take very long to make.

Pretty Puffs Crochet Hat

Next up was a lovely hat made from a lovely merino, cashmere and silk blend wool. Silk blends are fast becoming my favourite yarns.

Heart Monitor Bag

When I was in hospital I had to wear a heart monitor all the time. Being bored I decided to make a bag for it so I didn't have to carry it around. And so I made this bag with a pink heart on the front. It's in a lovely cotton yarn as well.

I also made a hat for my fiance which he wears a lot so I assume he likes it. I made two cute little baby hats for my friend's new babies. And also a clutch bag which I still haven't finished due to problems with lining it. So all in all I avoided being bored.

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