Sweetness and Light Honey Ale

450g dried malt extract
270g honey
11g coriander
6g orange rind
11g Hallertau hops
60min 5g
30 min 3g
5 min 3g
1 sachet Danstar Windsor Yeast

This was a light honey ale I brewed up in a small five litre batch. I got a big tub of honey from a farmer in Wexford who keeps bees. A batch of mead was made with some of the honey. This ale was made with some of the rest. I wasn't happy with the yeast as it didn't settle out well. A combination of bottling too early and using varying amounts of honey in the bottles meant this was very fizzy. The fizz meant the yeast rose up and made the beer very cloudy. If I was doing this again I'd use a better flocculating yeast. Apart from that it was a tasty brew and the spices and orange were tasty.

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