Mathematical Knitting

What? I hear you cry in response to the title of this post. Yes mathematical knitting really exists. And there have even been serious papers published about it like Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane which I think is the best title I have ever seen on a scientific paper. And yes I do plan on making one nerd that I am.
I'm not ready to study hyperbolic geometry at the moment so decided to content myseld with making the moebius cowl from Cat Bordhi's website.
You cast on in a slightly odd way and then something strange happens.

You realise that this is truly a moebius in that it only has one edge and stranger still the knitting appears in the middle and doesn't fall off the needles like usual. The wool is Manos del Uruguay silk blend which is amazingly soft and beautifully coloured.

So you end up with a moebius at the end which makes a very nice cowl as the twist in it makes sure it sits really well around your neck. More mathematical knitting is in my future.

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